Quiet Thanksgiving


This is a short week.  The kids are out of school on Wednesday.  We had plans to go to San Diego again and then to go to St. George but in the end I decided to stay here. We’ve been traveling so much and I’m ready to have a few days where we don’t do anything.  Robin and Paul are staying in No. Utah so it will just be the four of us.  When I tell people that, I see a look of pity cross their faces, but a small Thanksgiving dinner with my kids, no visitors, no traveling. no making arraignments for the dog, is just what the doctor ordered for this weary girl.

I do have a few things to do though before I can relax:

  • Mail Paul’s birthday box
  • Put finishing touches on Christmas list
  • Buy any decorations still needed for our ‘blue’ Christmas
  • Giant wreath (I’m sort of losing steam on this one, we’ll see)
  • Piece the tops of the two Christmas quilts
  • Find a place where I can buy a flocked tree.

The picture above is from my friend Laura’s home.  It is the first flocked tree that looked good to me.  I can easily picture it with blue and silver decorations.

If I can get all or most of these things done I will be able to chill and enjoy the holiday with my kids.  Wish me luck.

Fun Family Weekend

We attended my cousin Scott’s wedding last weekend and I’m still processing all of it.  It was such a good trip.

We left early Thursday morning and got there just before lunch.  When we go to San Diego we usually drive into town and head straight to the beach to check out the surf conditions but on this trip we just went to the hotel to meet Robin and Paul who had arrived the night before.

After being separated, there is just nothing that compares to what I feel when my kids are all together again.  We tease and laugh and tell private jokes and I feel whole (well almost).  I couldn’t get them to stop being silly long enough to take a good picture so this is what I ended up with.


We had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Mac and then just hung out in the lobby visiting with everyone as they arrived.

That evening we walked to a restaurant just a couple of blocks from the hotel for an evening of drinks and appetizers with friends and family who had arrived that day.

It was so gratifying to be in a room where everyone adored Robin and Scott as much as our family does.  I loved being able to put faces with some of the names I’ve heard over the years as well as meet people who have played important parts in both Robin and Scott’s lives.  Besides loving the Kendall’s every single person I talked with was doing something interesting and creative.

It was such a lovely night and the food was great too.  Gloria is still talking about the shrimp.

My kids and I left and drove to Coronado Island.  We sat on the beach near the surf, in the fog.  We watched the empty waves and talked about Paul, about how he’s The Man, about his return, about our expectations, and about how lucky we are to get to share our lives with him.

I went to bed happy, it was a great start to the weekend.

The next morning, I took my kids to see San Elijo, a beach where my family camped when I was a girl.   A few others in our party came with us.  It was fun to share something like that with my kids and play tag on the beach with cousins and aunts and uncles as well as my parents.

We wrote a note to Paul in the sand.


We ate fish tacos from Bull Taco at the top of the cliffs.  My mom and I traded memories.  She laughed about how quickly she ran up and down the stairs when Josh was lost. I remembered being with Sara, waking up and watching the surfers through the fog from our campsite at the top of the cliffs.

It was especially fun to get to know Jordan’s two beautiful boys whom none of us had met in person until this trip.  I am telling you, they could not be cuter!


I don’t think Roman’s feet ever touched the sand.  He was either on Paul’s shoulders or Dan’s the whole time.

That evening was the wedding and it was gorgeous.  I only cried a little bit when Robin walked in with Scott.  She looked so happy.


I stole this picture from my Aunt Joan’s facebook page.  It is my favorite.

We all sat at our tables during the ceremony.   I thought the minister was just the right mix of humorous and serious.

Scott, my cousin, looked so handsome and confident.  His bride, Diana (who we already consider our cousin) looked enchanting and unlike me when I was a bride, she was relaxed.

And holy cow! The food was amazing.  Do you guys try the polenta?!

There were toasts.  Robin said a few words.  It meant so much to me when she mentioned Paul.  I texted him while she was still talking and he sent his love.

There was more food and dancing and the cake!  The cake!  I could have eaten six more pieces. The best part though, was spending the evening with funny interesting people who all love Robin and Scott and Diana and wish them the very very best.

I thought the whole evening was perfect from beginning to end.


Sigh!  Weddings are the best.

If all of that wasn’t enough, I took kids to Disneyland, the next day.  We went there often when I was growing up and I have a zillion happy memories from Disneyland.

I loved getting to show my kids around and tell them about how Sara and I would run down Main Street giggling so we could be first in line at the Matterhorn.  And about that time Josh kicked the lady in front of us when we were in line for It’s A Small World.  And how disappointed we were when we walked forever to see the Seven Mile Saloon (I think that was the name) when it turned out to be a tiny soda bar with two mirrors on each end, facing each other.


Paul and I went to Disneyland on our honeymoon too.  Anytime I started a sentence with, “When dad and I were here on our honeymoon . . .” My kids all yelled, “Eeewwww!”

We spent most of the day with Salem and Megan and their kids, Disneyland was great, California Adventure was fantastic and the fireworks blew my mind.  What a fun day!!

We got home Sunday night with heads full of happy memories.

18 Nov 13



After a happy, nostalgic weekend, I woke up today ready to knock out a busy week.

On my list:

  • Finish and mail unit quilt to Monique
  • Make quilt for baby shower this weekend
  • Make cake for baby shower this weekend
  • Get Paul’s birthday box together
  • Do last of the Thanksgiving shopping
  • Start two Christmas quilts
  • Go to lunch with Karla
  • Make giant wreath with Sue

I’ll report how I did next week.

I took the picture up there, at San Elijo, a beach where my family camped when I was a child.

See Ya Summer!


The arrival of Autmn is making me take stock of what I was able and not able to accomplish this summer.

New York with Robin and Monique

Quilt for Rooney Wedding

Groom’s cake for Rooney Wedding

Hire Photographer

Edit first round of deployment interviews

Swim laps or yoga 5 times a week, a few times a week, at least once a week

Gloria swim lessons

Get the dog fixed

Sara swim/dive team, girl’s camp

Dan tech camp/Havasupai/band camp

Girls volleyball camp

Cousin’s week

Jean’s Quilt

Sara’s Quilt

Lexy’s Quilt

Liz’s Quilt

Kids ready for school

Sell van

Write five quilt patterns 1  2  3  4  5

Sell motorcycle

Buy a car

Go to Coronado

Big kids to Europe

Launched Yellow Bug Quilts (This was huge included hundreds of tasks and decisions, large and small.)

Scan giant box of photographs

Go to Provo and hang with the Stanleys

Go to a Diamondbacks Game

Organize quilt room

I could not have crossed those last two off the list without the help of Grandma and Grandpa Mac and I got them in just under the wire.  Thanks again!

Whew!  I scheduled all of us up to our eyeballs. Don’t worry the kids still managed to watch too much TV and play too many hours of video games.

It was a good summer.  It kept me (us) busy and helped the time go by quickly.  By the time school started, however I was exhausted and for the first week or so I just sat on the couch and watched TV.

Now I’m looking forward to Autumn and my plate is filling up fast plus I a have all the things that didn’t get crossed off the summer list.  I’m not complaining.  Anything that helps February get here a little quicker is a good thing. I’m thankful to have lots to do.

Photo by Donna Stanley McEvoy  (My mom)