About Rachel Rodgers and Yellow Bug Quilts

Rachel Rodgers

I was born in Utah and raised by adventurous, creative parents who moved my brothers and sisters, all eight of us, all over the western United States.  Some of my first memories include tying  and quilting quilts with my mom and siblings so I’ve been a part of quilt making for most of my life.

Now, I’m the spouse of an Army soldier and as such have spent most of my adult life raising 5 kids, while moving and traveling all around the U.S. and Europe.   It was about 13 years ago that my husband was stationed in Hohenfels, Germany (Go Adlers!) and I met the most fun group of young, modern, quilters.  It was there I began learning different piecing and quilting techniques and soon after that I began experimenting with my own designs.

Besides quilting, creativity for me includes cooking (especially baking), writing, sewing and even a little knitting.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer these quilts and feel honored that you might consider one for your home.