Finishing Shop


You know that quilt you started but still haven’t finished? Are you sick of seeing it every time you open that closet? Send it to me, I would love to finish it for you. Perhaps you are intimidated by the quilting or you’ve struggled with the binding until you want to pull your hair out or maybe you got it all cut out and then life just became too busy to get to it.

Email me [email protected] and let me know which of these options apply to you and we can start finishing your quilt.

My quilt needs to be pieced.
The price will depend on the complexity of the pattern, email me with particulars, for a quote.

My quilt needs to quilted and bound.
Basic free-motion quilting and binding
Baby (approx. 36″ x 54″) $125
Lap (approx. 54″ x 72″) $175
Larger, email me for a quote.

My quilt needs to be bound
1/2 inch mitered corner binding
Baby (approx. 36″ x 54″) $50
Lap ( approx. 54″ x 72″) $75
Twin (54″x 90″) $100
Queen (90″ x 108″) $275
King (108″ x 108″) $300