Friday Tip

Work on more than one project at a time.  

My friend Regina taught me to work on more than one project at a time.  She taught me that as it relates to knitting but it applies to any medium.

If you are like me you were raised to finish one project before starting another so it was a hard habit to break.   It is true that is take a little longer to finish but I’m so much happier.

Sometimes I’m stuck.  Sometimes I’m out of the fabric I need and don’t want to go to the store.  Sometimes I’m just bored.  Sometimes I need a break from a project even when it is something I love.  I love being able to put away a quilt and have some knitting or a small quilt waiting for some attention.

I usually have a quilt or two in the works as well as a knitting project.  Since I changed to this way of thinkingI get more done and am much more creative.

A few months back I was working on this hexagon quilt.  Cutting all the triangles was very time consuming, which I was prepared for, but as I pieced it together  it wasn’t working.  The centers didn’t connect the way they were supposed to, the strips didn’t fit together correctly either.  I was so frustrated!



I couldn’t even look at it any more.  I folded it up and sat down with this Noro scarf I’d been knitting.  It was perfect to get the quilt out of my head for a while, until I could face ordering more fabric and starting again.


What about you? Do like to finish a project before you start a new one or are you a multi-tasker?