See Ya Summer!


The arrival of Autmn is making me take stock of what I was able and not able to accomplish this summer.

New York with Robin and Monique

Quilt for Rooney Wedding

Groom’s cake for Rooney Wedding

Hire Photographer

Edit first round of deployment interviews

Swim laps or yoga 5 times a week, a few times a week, at least once a week

Gloria swim lessons

Get the dog fixed

Sara swim/dive team, girl’s camp

Dan tech camp/Havasupai/band camp

Girls volleyball camp

Cousin’s week

Jean’s Quilt

Sara’s Quilt

Lexy’s Quilt

Liz’s Quilt

Kids ready for school

Sell van

Write five quilt patterns 1  2  3  4  5

Sell motorcycle

Buy a car

Go to Coronado

Big kids to Europe

Launched Yellow Bug Quilts (This was huge included hundreds of tasks and decisions, large and small.)

Scan giant box of photographs

Go to Provo and hang with the Stanleys

Go to a Diamondbacks Game

Organize quilt room

I could not have crossed those last two off the list without the help of Grandma and Grandpa Mac and I got them in just under the wire.  Thanks again!

Whew!  I scheduled all of us up to our eyeballs. Don’t worry the kids still managed to watch too much TV and play too many hours of video games.

It was a good summer.  It kept me (us) busy and helped the time go by quickly.  By the time school started, however I was exhausted and for the first week or so I just sat on the couch and watched TV.

Now I’m looking forward to Autumn and my plate is filling up fast plus I a have all the things that didn’t get crossed off the summer list.  I’m not complaining.  Anything that helps February get here a little quicker is a good thing. I’m thankful to have lots to do.

Photo by Donna Stanley McEvoy  (My mom)