Early Christmas


I feel like Christmas is coming early this year. The Inspired Market is this week here in Rancho Cucamonga and I can’t wait!

I have been working hard getting ready and it is getting so close! So much good has come from this endeavor that even if they cancelled it tomorrow, I would feel like I’ve overcome something huge.

Most of the good is intangible and probably not even recognizable outside my home but it is very real.

Being able to create alone, without interruption has been luxurious and restorative than any pampering I can imagine. Seeing an idea and trying it immediately has awakened a part of my brain that has been shut down for awhile. Like using my arm again when it has been in a sling for weeks. Something that has come as a surprise to me is how gratifying it is to see all the tools I have collected over the years. Several times over the last few weeks I would think, “I wish I had some pinking shears.” or some other tool and then I would come across it in when I was looking for something else a few minutes later.  It is also really good for me to have a hard deadline, I’m a terrible procrastinator and this has given me a specific goal that I can’t put off.

So, let me see:

Canopy  Check!

Lights  Check!

Rubbermaid tubs full of inventory  Check!

Business license and seller’s permit  Check! Check!

I feel excited, happy, anxious and ready, all at once. Eeeeeeek! Wish me luck!

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