Gorgeous Nepal


This next quilt was made for a friend at work, as a gift for her first baby.  Her parents are from Nepal and that heritage is very important to her, as it should be. I wanted to make a quilt that had a taste of Nepal, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. I googled “Nepal colors” to see if I could get some ideas. The photo above, from the site Gorgeous Nepal, was my favorite and it started my brain churning. So many colors and shapes and textures and patterns!

I ended up using batiks, with a very straightforward block pattern. I wanted simplicity so the colors could be the focus.


The quilting was simple as well.


Here it is finished. I love the colors and the different patterns; I don’t think I will ever tire of working with batiks.


This quilt was fast, uncomplicated and I want to make another one but much larger.

What about you? Do you have fabrics or colors, you return to again and again?


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