He’s home!


The day is here!  

Ribbons are hanging in the trees, the house is clean inside and out, we are all presentable and I feel ready.  

Its time to go and get him.

My heart pounds as we drive to the airport and as we wait at the gate.

Is the plane on time? *check flight tracker* They’re 8 minutes early!

Will the photographer be able to find us?

Instagram of the kids waiting.

How’s my lipstick?

The plane landed.

The news crew is here.

He’s at the gate!

Be calm and answer their questions.

Don’t say “um”.

He’s getting off the plane.

“No, I don’t want to wear the mic.”

Where is he?

Are these people from his flight?

I can’t see up the ramp!

Dan, how far do you think you could make it up the ramp before the TSA lady tackles you?

That’s him!  Those are his boots!  That’s his smile!

I run.

The TSA lady warns me not to cross the line.

I stop and then Paul gestures to run anyway.

He’s home!  He’s safe!  I can touch him!  He’s real!  I don’t want to let go!  Its over!

Hugs all around, happy tears, relief.  The relief is unbelievable.

Paul says a few words to the news crew.

It can’t stop looking at him, touching him.  Is this real?  Am I going to wake up?

We head to baggage claim and finally home.

Photo by Terry Hurst Photography

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