Inspired Market and Me


A couple of months ago, we were driving around Thomas Winery Plaza, which is a little shopping center near our house. We were playing Pokémon with our kids. Yes Pokémon, you heard me. We go there to load up on potions and poke-balls. No judge.

Anyway, we came upon a little outdoor, artisans’ fair called Inspired Market, set up in the one area of the parking lot.  There were 15-20 booths and everything sold was handmade or reclaimed vintage. Really great stuff, beautiful paintings, old-timey tools, gorgeous handmade jewelry, wonderful smelling soaps.

It made me so happy! For the first time in months, the creative part of my brain started moving. I thought about what I might sell. I thought about quilts and table runners that were sitting in boxes in the garage.  I thought about quilts I wanted to make. The woman in charge of the market gave me some basic information on how to get started.

Paul, as usual, we encouraging and urged me to act on the energy I was feeling.

I went home and researched what kinds of products sell at markets like this. Then I applied for a space and was accepted. Yay!

Next I got a business license and California seller’s license and then I started sewing. Oh my goodness! I’ve sewn more in the past two weeks than I think I have in in the last two years.

My first night is Thursday December 1st and I’m super excited and nervous! If you’re in the neighborhood, please come by and say hi!

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  1. Robin Kendall says:

    Congrats on all of this. Good luck on the 1st!?

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