Pioneer Pouch


The youth of our stake are going on a Pioneer Trek this summer.  I was asked to make a pattern for a little pouch that the kids can carry with them.  I’m posting it here so that people can see it easily.


1. Begin with a piece of muslin 8.5 inches wide by 24 inches long.



2. Fold each end twice, about .5 inches, and iron.  Ironing will help hold it in place while you pin and sew.



3. Pin in place.



4. Using the edge of the presser foot as your guide, sew along each end.


It should look something like this when you finish sewing.



5. Fold your fabric in half with the seams on the outside and press the fold.  Again, if you press the fold your fabric will stay in place better as you pin and sew.  Pin the sides together.



6. Using the presser foot as a guide on the edge of the fabric sew along each side.  When you finish sewing, it should like this.



7. Cut a piece of strap about 50 inches long.  Depending on your height you may want it longer or shorter.  You can adjust the length to your preference.



8. With the pouch still inside out, center each end of the strap onto each top corner of the pouch.  Pin in place.   Sew the strap in place. PP8

9. Reinforce the strap by sewing something like this.

10.  Turn the pouch right side out and you’re done!

Let me know if you see any mistakes or improvements I can make.

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