Quilt Rule #7

Use Texture

This one is more of a tip than a rule.  Quilting fabric is wonderful, of course, but consider shaking things up and throw some textured fabrics into your next quilt.

This is a quilt that my sister Sara made for my daughter Sara, when she was born.  It is one of my very favorite things made by one of my very favorite people.  Although the design is simple and the fabrics are monochromatic, she added interest and movement to it by using textured fabrics.


Look at all the different textures she used.  In this closeup shot you can see waffle fabric, two different kinds of damask, crushed silk, linen and satin.  She didn’t stop there, she then added depth by sewing tiny cream rosettes into the corners of each square.  Then she went even further buy adding lace to the edge (see above) to make the perfect quilt for our baby girl.



The back of the quilt is one large piece of cream satin so it was soft and luxurious and just right for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Ever practical, Sara also made sure that all the these fabrics were washable, as babies are not always clean and tidy.  She knew if I used this quilt it would eventually need to be washed.  I did use it and I washed it again and again.  She chose well because, as you can see, it still looks brand new even though it is 13 years old.

So try using texture in a quilt.  I’d love to hear how it works for you.



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