Quilt tip #5

Consider Using Sheets


There is nothing like working with good fabric made specifically for quilters however, don’t turn your nose up at sheets or sheet sets.

There are several reasons I like to use bedding:

1.  Sheets are almost always 100% cotton that do not shrink.

2.  Any prints are made to be heavily used and washed, without fading.

3.  They come in great, coordinating sets and if you need a solid, lots of different colors.

4.  I get to decide what thread count I want to use.

5.  They start in large single pieces so there is no seam nor is there a need for a design on the back.

6.  They can be much less expensive that the same amount of fabric from a quilt store.

7.  When I want to make a cozy Christmas/Winter quilt, seasonal flannels are awesome.

I love using sheets sometimes.  I especially love them for whites and creams. And you can’t beat them for classic stripes and polkdots.

My favorite finds have been at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s and Pottery Barn Kids (clearance).

What is your take?  Do you ever use sheets in your quilting?

Photo: PB kids online catalog

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