1.  While he was gone, I missed Paul playing the guitar and singing to me.  He bought this red cord because he thought it would make me happy.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

2.  My mom brought this sugar bowl back from Russia.  Mine actually has course salt in it and I always keep it on the counter next to the stove.

3.  I gave this hat to my grandmother one of our first Christmases in Texas.  It returned to me not long ago.  I wear it on the beach so my surfers and boogie boarders  can find me easily.

4.  I found this big clothes pin while shopping with my sister Sara.  I use it to hold pictures on the book shelf or piano.

5.  I bought several dozen of these red plates in Waechtersbach in Germany.  I planned to use them only at Christmas but I use them all the time.

6.  When I was morning sick with Robin the only thing I could eat for a while was garden tomatoes.  I can eat them in some form or another every single day.

7.  Regina gave me these earrings.  They belonged to her very sophisticated and super stylish mother.  They are also clip on’s because I can’t wear pierced. I cherish them.

8.  Ah! Jane Austen. My favorite book of her’s is Persuasion, I read it about once a year.

9.   I bought this barrette in a little boutique near the Russian Tea Room on my first trip to NYC with Regina.

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