Some scattered thoughts about the new year.

I know it is extremely wasteful to have wished a year of my life away but that is definitely what I did in 2013.  If I accomplished anything it was because I was trying to nudge time along and get it to move a little quicker.  Doesn’t time move faster when we’re busy?


On New Year’s Eve I played with Flipogram and iPhoto for hours and made several slideshows highlighting different things that happened this year.  I found it very satisfying to see my year laid out in front of me like that.

I have always taken pictures of our family and things we are doing but it was sporadic.  Because I always have my phone with me now, I take a lot more pictures, as I’m sure is the case with everyone.  It’s so useful to be able to take pictures so easily and I love that I have several platforms (Instagram is my favorite.) to share moments of our life with friends and family who are far from us.

Not only do I get to share my life, even better is the fact that I get to see their lives too.  I love knowing that my brother and sis in law are always hiking the cliffs around the beaches near San Francisco and it warms my heart to see their new baby snuggled close to one of their chests on those outings.  I adored getting a peek at my sisters’ lives as they moved into new houses this year.  Jordan has a chocolate brown wall in her bedroom and a swinging reading chair.  Gabby has whitewashed hardwood floors and her kids love to climb the trees around their house.

In years past we would all gather and talk, we’re a pretty close family, but I never got those kinds of details.  I think it is magical!

Have I said lately how much I love social media and technology?

Now I turn to 2014 and this morning my head is full of nothing but Paul’s return.  When will he be here?  Will he fly into SLC or PHX?  How will we all adjust?  I need to order more yellow ribbon. Will he want solitude or will he want our attention?  I need to get the treadmill tuned up.  Will he want to eat all the foods he’s missed or will he want to eat like he’s been eating?  Will I be able to balance Paul’s needs and the children’s?  I need a new calendar.  How soon can I get him into the ocean?

I am looking forward to a year of lovely moments, challenges to be overcome, creative projects and facing fears.  I hope that you are looking at the same kind of year and wish you the very best.

Happy 2014!

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